Marfa Dialogues

Leo Villareal - Sky (study)

Leo Villareal
Sky (study), 2009
LEDs, custom electronic, translucent diffusion screen
21 x 13 x 3 1/2 inches
Edition of five

This work is a study for a larger installation in the lobby of the new federal courthouse in El Paso, TX. In this piece, a number of LEDs are encased within a translucent diffusion box, smoothly and continuously shifting colors and intensities to give an impressionistic version of the Southwestern sky. The sequence itself is constantly changing, controlled by a complex computer code written by the artist. Villareal describes it as as digital mural that synthesizes the organic and the technological, visually manifesting an animated portrait of the sky.

Watch a video of Leo Villareal's Sky (study).

Watch a Meditations on Mediation: Leo Villareal on Technologies of Perception at the Nevada Museum of Art.

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